Sendx dip sensor measures the Angle information of an object by sensing the magnitude of the component of the earth's acceleration on its measuring axis, responding to the carrier's tilt Angle and generating corresponding electrical signals.

The tilt sensor has a stable zero position, which can accurately measure absolute correction (relative zero) and avoid large error.The product is widely used in the industry where Angle measurement, zero adjustment, horizontal adjustment and inclination attitude records are needed.

The tilt sensor of Sendx is made up of mems accelerometer sensor, temperature sensor, A/D converter, microprocessor and memory.Product design is compact, small volume, ability to work in - 40 ~ 100 ℃ within the scope of the stable output signal.The Angle of the measuring range of up to + 120 °, the highest resolution can reach 0.001 °, output modes with RS485, CANOpen, Modbus, Profibus and all kinds of simulation methods, can be conveniently connected to the mainstream of measurement and control device.

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